Plant Facilities and Safety Design M

(Graduate course)

Learning outcomes

A comprehensive review of the factors that influence the selection, design, specification and placement of most important and common industrial facilities.

Course contents

Topics on Plant facilities will include:

  • Industrial piping for fluid distribution
  • Combined production of heating and electric power; comparison among different power stations (turbogas, internal-combustion engine)
  • Plant design with solar panels and heat pumps; economic assessment
  • Design of industrial electrical systems
  • Facilities for wealth and safety at work: noise protection, electric hazards, lighting


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Teaching methods

On the whole 60 teaching hours of frontal lessons and training. The main target is to give the student the right approach the dimensioning of facilities inside an industrial plant, according to economical evaluation and technical rules.

Assessment methods

Written examination about theory (2/3) and practice (1/3)

Teaching tools

Some issues provided by the teaching staff