Engineering for Occupational Safety

Safety Engineering is a branch of the Industrial Mechanical Plants research group analysing the impact of occupational safety on logistics and automation in industrial plants.

The Safety Engineering Group works in very closed contact with the occupational health and safety specialists of the Emilia Romagna Region. The result of this collaboration is the Banca delle Soluzioni (Solutions Database) Project.

Banca delle Soluzioni

The aim of the Project is to realize a useful tool for employers and employees, collecting the available technologies to prevent the hazard of critical high-risk work activities.

Research activities analyse critical high-risk activities in industrial plants:

  • Manual material handling and repetitive movements – Ergonomics and the impact of the ergonomic design of workplaces and work procedures on work system efficiency and productivity. The study involves the design of mathematical models improving both the workers’ safety and health, and the economic benefits for companies;
  • Confined space work – Analysis of safety solutions and automated technology avoiding the access of workers in confined spaces. The research activity highlights the availability of automated tools and innovative technologies for confined space work performing different tasks, e.g. cleaning, inspection and maintenance activities, within several industries.

Safety Engineering seeks the optimal performances of the industrial processes, meeting both the production requirements and the ergonomic principles for workers’ recovery and manual handling. Activities concern the design of optimization models improving both workers’ safety and health, and the overall efficiency of the work system. Common manufacturing strategies and procedures are investigated, e.g. lean production and job rotation, analyzing their impact on workers’ safety and health.